Towing by TJ’s Towing and Recovery – Both Local and Long Distance Towing

Local and Long Distance Towing and more…

Our company provides heavy duty towing and recovery services – both for local and long distance towing. Along with our towing services, we provide 12 and 24 volt boosting services. All of our services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with no additional after hours or call out fees.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer towing services for passenger vehicles. We are looking to expand our business to cover these needs in the near future. We do, however, provide our customers road side services such as: tire repairs, minor mechanical work and fuel delivery if you run out of fuel.

The company fleet is both pro-rate plated and IFTA certified. TJ’s Towing and Recovery is also licensed and insured in all provinces and states across North America. What this means to you, the customer, is that no additional out-of-province transport permits are required for basic towing services.

Our Team

TJ Sagoo is well known in the community for his long-time businesses – TJ Sagoo Transport and TJ Sagoo Truck Wash and Lube. He is also an active member of the community, both personally and through his successful businesses.

Safety and Maintenance Program

Our company has implemented a strict safety program, that all employees must follow during their daily tasks. This applies to our roadside work, towing, or vehicle recovery. By making sure these standards are adhered to, we ensure the safety of our employees and the customer. The restuls of this are important: stopping equipment damage, and ensuring safety for the motoring public. Operations staff are required to wear high-visibility clothing at all times while on shift, to ensure their safety – whether on site at customers’ locations or at the road side. TJ’s Towing and Recovery has company uniforms – enabling customers and the public to easily identify our operating staff. We pride ourselves on safe work practices, and are currently working on obtaining our SECORE to improve our health and safety performance in the industry.

At TJ’s Towing and Recovery, a strict training program to ensure that all our customers are provided the most efficient and damage-free services as possibl is provided to all of our drivers. Both WHMIS and TDG certification is enforced as well. Drivers are also provided orientation to go onto most refinery sites in the Edmonton area.

All of our equipment has been purchased brand new, and is maintained with strict preventative maintenance schedules to ensure optimal safety.

When combined, our safety, maintenance, and training programs ensure that when we arrive on scene – we do so with the highest level of safety, quality and proficiency.

Protecting our Customers

In addition to our training program to ensure damage free towing and recoveries, TJ’s Towing and Recovery also has a strict media release policy. Our policy prohibits any employees or contractors from posting pictures on websites or any social media that allows for our customers to be identified. We have implemented this rule to ensure full non-disclosure of our customers’ breakdowns and recoveries.

Community Relations

TJ’s Towing and Recovery is a strong supporter of the “Slow Down” and “Move Over” laws. These have been implemented throughout various provinces across Canada because we all want our emergency workers and tow truck drivers to get home safely. This law was created to ensure the safety of emergency response workers and tow trucks on provincial highways and roadways. The law requires the motoring public to reduce speed in the lane immediately next to the emergency vehicle to 60 km/h or the posted speed – whichever is lower. Please note that speed fines are doubled for those who do not reduce their speed.

Employment opportunities

TJ’s Towing and Recovery is always looking to expand our team with qualified operators.

If you are interested in working for a company that prides itself on integrity and runs with the highest level of safety, quality and proficiency send us an email to inquire about our open employment opportunities!